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Client Background:

Company: R K Homemade (Gurukrupa Mocktails and Syrups)
Industry: Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) – Mocktail Syrups
Product: Premium Mocktail Syrups
Target Market: Millennials, Health Enthusiasts, Home Entertainers


R K Homemade aimed to establish itself as a go-to brand for premium mocktail syrups. The challenge was to create a robust digital marketing strategy to increase brand visibility, drive sales, and expand market presence through e-commerce platforms.


  1. E-commerce Marketplace Strategy:
    • Platform Selection: Partnered with Amazon and Flipkart, optimizing product listings for better visibility and sales.
    • Optimized Listings: Created engaging product listings with vivid imagery and enticing descriptions to stand out on these platforms.
    • Customer Reviews: Encouraged buyers to share their experiences, boosting credibility and trust.
  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns:
    • Social Media Engagement: Showcased captivating mocktail recipes on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, inviting users to explore and create.
    • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborated with food and lifestyle influencers, amplifying product visibility and sharing user-generated content.
    • Content Creation: Developed engaging blog posts, videos, and infographics highlighting health benefits and cocktail recipes using R K Homemade syrups.
  3. Email Marketing and Customer Retention:
    • Newsletter Campaigns: Sent regular newsletters featuring new recipes, promotions, and customer testimonials.
    • Loyalty Programs: Introduced a loyalty program offering exclusive discounts and perks for repeat purchases.
  4. Paid Advertising:
    • Google Ads: Ran PPC campaigns targeting keywords related to mocktails, natural ingredients, and home mixology.
    • Social Media Ads: Utilized targeted ads showcasing the product’s versatility and health benefits to appeal to health-conscious consumers.
  5. Community Engagement and Events:
    • Online Events: Hosted virtual mixology classes and live recipe demonstrations to engage audiences and demonstrate product usage.
    • Engagement Challenges: Ran online contests encouraging users to share their unique mocktail creations using R K Homemade syrups.


  1. E-commerce Marketplace Integration:
    • Successfully listed products on Amazon and Flipkart with compelling titles, descriptions, and visuals.
  2. Digital Marketing Initiatives:
    • Curated a content calendar for social media, sharing visually appealing mocktail recipes, lifestyle imagery, and user-generated content.
    • Collaborated with influencers, featuring their content and endorsements to increase product visibility.
  3. Email Marketing and Retention:
    • Sent bi-weekly newsletters showcasing new recipes, promotions, and exclusive offers to subscribers.
    • Launched a loyalty program, rewarding frequent buyers with discounts and special deals.
  4. Paid Advertising:
    • Ran targeted Google Ads focusing on key mocktail ingredients and unique flavor profiles to capture relevant search traffic.
    • Utilized precise audience targeting on social media platforms to reach health-conscious consumers and home entertainers.
  5. Community Engagement and Events:
    • Hosted successful virtual mixology events, engaging with customers, answering queries, and promoting the brand’s product versatility.
    • Ran engaging online challenges encouraging user participation and sharing of mocktail recipes using R K Homemade syrups.


  1. Increased Marketplace Visibility: Achieved a 50% increase in sales within the first quarter of listing on major e-commerce platforms.
  2. Enhanced Brand Engagement: Grew social media following by 75%, with a high engagement rate due to visually appealing content and influencer collaborations.
  3. Improved Customer Retention: Increased customer retention by 30% through loyalty programs and targeted email campaigns.
  4. Successful Brand Awareness: Garnered over 100,000 impressions from paid advertising campaigns, leading to a significant uptick in website traffic and conversions.
  5. Community Building: Established a vibrant online community with enthusiastic participation in events, contests, and recipe-sharing, fostering brand advocacy and user-generated content.

Ad Copy Examples:

  1. Google Ads:
    • “Elevate Your Mocktail Game with R K Homemade Syrups – Explore Unique Flavors Today!”
    • “Craft Healthier Mocktails at Home – Natural and Delicious Syrups from R K Homemade !”
  2. Social Media Ads:
    • “Sip, Mix, Enjoy! Indulge in Premium Mocktails with R K Homemade – Order Now!”
    • “Transform Ordinary Drinks into Exquisite Mocktails – Discover our Range of Syrups!”

These ad copies were used across Google and social media platforms to captivate the audience’s attention, highlighting the uniqueness in flacours and versatility of R K Homemade syrups.

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