What’s been your experience with agencies and social media?

Are you struggling to find out the right social media agency for your brand?

Did you know: 28% of companies use social media marketing agencies for his or her social media efforts.

Following are the factors that will help you identify the right social media agency for your brand:

  1. Engagement: confirm that the social media agency is really getting engagement in things they’re doing. Anyone can manage a social media account, but few can manage it and obtain tons of engagement. Make sure that they will prove results and show you from their experience that they will do an equivalent for you and your business.
  2. Customer service: Customers often hit up social media once they have a complaint. You need a considerable amount of tact and foresight to make sure to satisfy the customer and all parties reading it.
  3. Understanding of the niche: One of the biggest challenges when hiring a social media agency is finding an agency that understands your niche and your target audience. There is a synergy that happens when the social media team understands the nuance of your niche, and people who do are going to be ready to craft effective messages and ultimately get the best results.
  4. Creativity: If you are going to run social media campaigns and daily updates, I want to see some creativity — something to set us apart. I want to ascertain new and exciting activities which will create a web community surrounding our brand, something which will make us recognizable. However, this creativity must be administered with reference to what our brand’s values are and what we’ve already become.
  5. Speed: Social media demands faster speed than websites, banners, TV, or billboards. Great social campaigns run at the speed of conversation. So an agency must be built to iterate and deliver creatives quickly.
  6. Clear Understanding of Technology and Data: Data and technology-driven decisions are the gold standard in management today. You want an agency that’s ready to cash in cutting-edge technology and techniques while also keeping track of knowledge and other metrics. That way, you’ll easily see what’s working and what’s not in your marketing plan and be able to cut or expand on certain strategies.
  7. Client Relationship Skills: Social media agencies are nearly always costlier than hiring top talent to figure remotely and only paying the hours they bill. The one thing a social media agency could wear remote talent is client relationship management. That means being responsive, managing the connection during a way that shows that the client is vital and always following through on promises.

Now that you have found the right agency, the question remains how much should you charge for your social media services? 

Basic packages from professionals can start from 15000/month. The add on requirements like exclusive branding, creative content creation, influencer marketing for niche segments can be charged at extra costs.

I hope the above information has been helpful to you in deciding how to pick and choose the right social media agency for your brand. Good luck – and great that you’re looking to invest in your social media presence.

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